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Mr./Mrs or Asks patient what they would like to be called
'Hi my name is < >, I'm a medical student, I'll be taking some notes on why you are in today, this will take about 5 mins'
Okay to be quiet to let patient talk or if emotionally distressed
'Based on the exam we noticed Tiny Tim's legs are not growing properly. We would like to prescribe Tiny Tim vitamin D for ricketts to help his bones form better. '
Positioning during pt interview / Open demeanor / No arms behind head and feet on table
'That must be difficult for you to deal with' (+)
'So we discussed your medications, now let's talk about...'
White coat on
HPI -> PMH -> Rx > Allergies -> Fam Hx ect.
'Accutane needs to be used with care. To make sure I know you understand how to use this rx appropriately, can you tell me some of the risks that I mentioned related to this rx?'
'So you told me that you are allergic to shellfish and you break out in hives.'
A form of professional greeting
'If you would like, we have a social worker that can talk to you about some ways to save some money on this medication since it is not covered by your INS'
'I would like to see you back in one weeks in order to see if that antibiotic is working, if not we will need to change the dose or the medication'
'Since Tiny Tim will be in a wheelchair for the time being, are you able to assist him and is your home accessible for wheel-chair use?
'Does it hurt when you tilt your head down like this?' (+)
Pt: 'I was working and I...' Dr.: 'You said you started feeling this when?' (-)
Looks at patient during interview
Attentive to patient when they are talking
'You said it hurts where the 'sun don't shine', what did you mean by that?'
'I've printed off some information on ricketts that you can read about and instructions on how to take the medication, let me know if you have any question'
'Your patella is translocated laterally due to hypertrophy of the IT band' (-)
'I spoke with Dr. McNett and we believe Tiny Tim has ricketts a condition that affects his bones'
Uses interprettor, Talks to pediatric patient or parent
'You've been doing great, let's try to work together to get this HbA1C even lower'
'Is there anything we didn't cover that you had concerns about today?'
No mean mug / No rude voice
'You're not in any pain are you?' (-)
'What brings you in today?' (+)

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