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Text of Abortion Act 1967, section 1Missing word(s)
An Act to amend and clarify the law relating to termination of pregnancy by __________ _______ _____________.
1. Medical termination of pregnancy. — (1) Subject to the provisions of this section, a person shall not be guilty of __ _______
under the law relating to ________
when a pregnancy is terminated by a registered _______ ____________
if two registered medical practitioners are of the opinion, formed in ____ _____—
(a) that the pregnancy has not exceeded its ______-______ ____
and that the continuance of the pregnancy would involve risk, greater than if the pregnancy were terminated, of ______
to the ________
or ______ ______
of the pregnant woman or any existing ________
of her family; or (b) that the termination is necessary to prevent _____ _________ ______
to the physical or mental ______
of the pregnant woman; or (c) that the ___________
of the pregnancy would involve risk to ___ ____
of the pregnant woman, _______ ____
if the pregnancy were terminated; or (d) that there is a ___________ ____
that if the child were born it would ______
from such physical or mental _____________
as to be _________ ___________.
(2) In determining whether the continuance of a _________
Text of Abortion Act 1967, section 1Missing word(s)
would involve such risk of ______ __ ______
as is mentioned in paragraph (a) or (b) of subsection (1) of this section, account may be taken of the pregnant woman’s ______
or reasonably foreseeable ___________.
(3) Except as provided by subsection (4) of this section, any _________
for the termination of pregnancy must be carried out in a ________
vested in the Secretary of _____
for the purposes of his functions under the ________ ______ _______
Act 2006 or the National Health Service (________)
Act 1978 or in a hospital vested in a Primary Care Trust or a National Health Service trust or an NHS foundation trust or in a place ________
for the purposes of this section by the Secretary of _____.
(3A) The power under subsection (3) of this section to approve a place includes power, in relation to treatment consisting primarily in the use of such _________
as may be specified in the approval and carried out in such ______
as may be so specified, to approve a _____ __ ______.
(4) Subsection (3) of this section, and so much of subsection (1) as relates to the _______
of two registered medical practitioners, shall not apply to the ___________
of a pregnancy by a registered medical practitioner in a case where he is of the opinion, formed in ____ _____,
that the termination is ___________ _________
to ____ ___ ____
or to prevent _____ _________ ______
to the physical or mental health of the ________ _____.

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