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Can you name the Transformers that appeared in Transformers: The Movie?

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Clue5-letter word
✤The Stegosaurus Dinobot✤
Escargot is made of these gastropods
Northern Irish snooker player, Joe _____
A male lover or admirer
Country music singer, Shania _____
A series of objects
Center of the nervous system
✤One of the toughest autobots; a demolitions expert✤
Ecru is a shade of this color
No longer small
Make a sound of anger
✤An autobot that transformed into a police car✤
The front ends of ships
Rids ones street of snow
Reduces ones speed
Clue5-letter word
Puts away for the winter
No longer goes
Buildings where goods can be purchased
Swats away a pest or bug
An obscure pluralization of 'shoe'
To show extreme
✤The Pteranodon Dinobot✤
A small staircase leading up to a house
To walk noisily
What is leftover of a tree after being cut down
A prolonged period of poor performance
To drink noisiliy
Speaks indistinctly
Makes less clear
✤A fast speaking Autobot voiced by John Moschitta in the 1986 movie✤

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