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Can you name the 30 Most Rewatchable Movies of the Modern Era?

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1987Cary Elwes
1988Bruce Willis
1984Bill Murray
1985Michael J. Fox
1986Matthew Broderick
1999Ron Livingston
1981Harrison Ford
1998Jeff Bridges
1985Molly Ringwald
2004Simon Pegg
1995Chris Farley
1996Adam Sandler
1993Bill Murray
1987Jennifer Grey
1986River Phoenix
2004*Craig T. Nelson
2004Will Ferrell
1986Kurt Russell
1998Ben Stiller
1977Mark Hamill
2004Vince Vaughn
1999Tim Allen
1995Rory Cochrane
1980Chevy Chase
1998Adam Sandler
1995Alicia Silverstone
2001George Clooney
1997John Cusack
2004Lindsay Lohan
1998Jennifer Love Hewitt

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