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1951George Reeves
1966Adam West
1969Jane Fonda
1978Christopher Reeve
1980Terrence Stamp
1982Dick Durock
1983Richard Pryor
1984Tanya Roberts
1984Helen Slater
1986Lea Thomspon
1987Gene Hackman
1989Michael Keaton
1989Heather Locklear
1990Corey Feldman
1991Billy Campbell
1991Kevin Clash
1992Danny DeVito
1992Larry Drake
1993Kevin Conroy
1994Brandon Lee
1994Jim Carrey
1994Jean-Claude Van Damme
1993Elias Koteas
1995Val Kilmer
1995Sylvester Stallone
1995Lori Petty
1996Pamela Anderson
1996Vincent Perez
1997George Clooney
1997Will Smith
1997Michael Jai White
1997Shaquille O'Neal
1998Wesley Snipes
1999Ben Stiller
1999Jamie Lee Curtis
2000Patrick Stewart
2001Johnny Depp
2001Rosario Dawson
2001Brendan Fraser
2002Kris Kristofferson
2002Thora Birch
2002Tommy Lee Jones
2002Tom Hanks
2002Tobey Maguire
2003Paul Giamatti
2003Chow Yun-Fat
2003Ben Affleck
2003Eric Bana
2003Sean Connery
2003Halle Berry
2004Ryan Reynolds
2004Sharon Stone
2004Ron Perlman
2004John Travolta
2004Kirsten Dunst
2005Christian Bale
2005Keanu Reeves
2005Jennifer Garner
2005Michael Chiklis
2005Viggo Mortensen
2005Clive Owen
2005Jamie Kennedy
2005Hugo Weaving
2006Gerard Butler
2006John Malkovich
2006Brandon Routh
2006Famke Jannsen
2007Josh Hartnett
2007Jessica Alba
2007Nicolas Cage
2007Catherine Deneuve
2007James Franco
2007Sarah Michelle Gellar
2008Heath Ledger
2008Selma Blair
2008Edward Norton
2008Robert Downey Jr.
2008Ray Stevenson
2008Gabriel Macht
2008Angelina Jolie
2009James Marsters
2009Bruce Willis
2009Hugh Jackman
2009Billy Crudup
2009Kate Beckinsale

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