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Can you name the People or creatures of Tolkien's mythology?

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brother of Elrond
creator of the Silmarils
handmaid of Varda
last petty dwarf of Amon Rudh
white horse of Orome
the weaver of the Vala
wolf of Angband, killed by Huan and Beren
daughtor of Celeborn and Galadriel, wife of Elrond
northman with the power to change into a bear
the smith of the Vala
balrog of Angband, a lieutenant of Morgoth
'The Mariner'
leader of the Woses
wife of Tom Bombadil
king of Rohan, defended fortress the of the Hornburg from the Dunlendings
Aragorn's horse, a gift from Arwen
son of the Gaffer
lord of the Grey Havens
son of Beren and Luthien, King of Doriath
wizard called 'The Brown'

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