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En AnglaisEn Francais
A nail
A check
To summarize
To rest
To seem to/ To pretend
A nail file
A husband
A wife
To withdraw/ To pull away from
A handbag
A run (in a stocking)
To profit from/ To take advantage of
To escape
To reproach
A stocking
To venture
To agonize
A bet
A trap
To be bored
To kill
A step
To howl
En AnglaisEn Francais
The neck
The coldness
An x-ray
The nerves
A fan
Hurt/ Injured
A drawer
To lead (a lifestyle)
A maid
The disgust
Moved; Out of place
To marry (1)
To marry (2)
An expensive knicknack
The wheat
Contemptuous/ Scornful
A stable
No matter which one
To disturb/To bother
To go to the races
To break
To go shopping
To stretch out
To move towards

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