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Can you name the Strategic Management References (Weeks 7-8)?

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Topics of papersAuthor and year
Firms exist due to market costs, but 3 reasons why firm size is limited
Weaker partners in an alliance can end up being acquired, 3 factors behind this risk, and 6 categories of alliance
Rover and Honda alliance example, how to achieve mutual gain
Transaction costs: definition, bounded rationality and opportunism. Uncertainty, transaction frequency and asset specificity
Criticism of transaction cost economics, hierarchy can increase opportunistic behaviour
Different types of deliberate and emergent strategies
Structure follows strategy, or vice-versa?
Strategy practices often emerge from praxis, and are shared routines
Topics of papersAuthor and year
Tensions of strategy over time: improved search but less flexibility
Acting under undercertainty: flexibility vs focus. Advantage of large firms here.
Firm can take 3 strategic postures in the face of uncertainty
Management hubris
Entrepreneurs can have skewed perceptions of success, and tend to stay out of “difficult” markets despite the lower competition
Strategic factor markets (and imperfect competition in them), accurate expectations of value, tradability is not so much the issue as the money spent developing resources
Barney overstates market role in strategic resources. Commoditites or complex resources (sunk costs), path dependency, changing environment

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