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Topics of papersAuthor and year
Variance of profitability
Broad areas of strategy: Classical, Evolutionary, Processual and Systematic
A definition of strategy, 'structure follows strategy'
Strategic fit, corporate/business strategy, roles of strategy, value creation, mission/vision
The design school: underlying principles, strengths and weaknesses
Benchmarking and observing “best practice”, dangerous bias in many success studies
In Search Of Excellence
The Halo Effect, risky decisions and luck in explaining firm performance
Firm-specific persistent returns
Problems with the market share approach
Evolution of strategy over 20th century
Pros and cons of IO framework
LCAG Framework
(Industry) Structure, Conduct, Performance
3 fundamentals for profiting from technological innovation
BCG Experience curve and its components
Topics of papersAuthor and year
3 sources of first-mover advantages, and first-mover disadvantages
Non-marketed factors, time compression diseconomies, asset mass efficiencies
Abnormal returns on M&As, only in imperfectly-competitive markets: 3 reasons why this might be the case
RBV overview, rents from superior resources and limiting ex-post competition, imitation prevention including causal ambiguity, imperfect factor markets
“Five forces” model: positioning the firm in an industry
Culture as a VRIN resource. Perhaps it is culture management that is truly the valuable resource?
Total Quality Management, difficult to implement effectively without deep culture shift
Criticisms of RBV: tautological definitions, lack of predictive power and does not give useful advice to managers
VHS-Betamax case study: crucial Matsushita alliance
Standards wars with network effects, ending in truce, duopoly or fight to the death, key assets in network markets, complementary products
Dynamic capabilities are the firm’s ability to build and reconfigure competences to address changing environments, but restricted by path dependencies
Knowledge transferability, capacity for aggregation, appropriability and bounded rationality. How to integrate specialised knowledge in the firm
Evolution of technology in a life-cycle
Tacit knowledge
Conversion of tacit knowledge to explicit knowledge, particularly by Japanese firms

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