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QUIZ: Can you name the Public Economics References (Weeks 5-8)?

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Topics of readingsAuthor and year
External, internal and allocative efficiency of education, equality of opportunity, efficiency and equity reasons for intervention, higher education
Progressive UK education system, even though the rich consume more
Production function study, found little effect of school resources on student performance
STAR experiment review
Valuation of additional year of education with NCDS data
Attainment production function
Returns to qualifications from LFS data
The importance of early education
Doubt over Sure Start effectiveness
Regressive public funding of higher education
Voucher system proposal
Effectiveness of competition is limited by poor info
State school competition improves outcomes and reduces achievement disparities
External and internal efficiency of healthcare, health measurement problems, efficiency and equity motivations for state intervention, NHS evaluation
NHS is progressively financed
Health expenditure on socio-economic groups
Market imperfection in healthcare, ex-ante and ex-post moral hazard, GPs and payment mehtods, complementary agents, hospital funding
'Double agent' doctors and the third-party payment problem
Healthcare choice and constraints on choice
Increased quality from competition in the US
Reduced costs from competition in the UK
Topics of readingsAuthor and year
Monopolistically competitive UK hospitals, findings that competition reduces quality of healthcare
Non-marketed good and services, valuing life and alternatives to putting a value on life
Private profit, social profit, NPV and net benefits, indirect project effects, social discount rate
Weighted average shadow pricing formula
Opportunity cost of public funds
Victoria Line indirect effects
Technical and pecuniary externalities, consumer surplus analysis, survey methods and QALY methods, QALY problems, SOC vs STP, Hicks-Kaldor test and potential Pareto improvement tes
National park shadow pricing
Ex-ante and ex-post life valuation problem
Using motorway speed limit to value life
Modelling the value of a life-year, and value of medical knowledge
Life value not dependent of quality of life
Positive analysis, postelection politics. Model assumptions: preelection politics,etc. Utilitarian normative benchmark. Probabilistic voting with swing voters. Local public goods.
Unidimensional policy and single-peaked preferences
Single-crossing property
Median voter equilibrium
Overspending when income distribution is skewed right
Regulation and power-maximising politicians, incentives for regulators, revolving doors
Positives of revolving doors
Commissioners with previous industry experience are more supportive of industry as regulators

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