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Forced Order
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Topics of readingsAuthor and year
Lump-sum tax definition, equivalence scales, Pigou-Dalton principle of transfers, inequality and poverty measures
Hypothetical compensation test, welfarism conditions, utility measurability/utility, Parteo principles, Kaldor and Hicks tests
Social welfare
Absolute rights
Lorenz curve theorem
Utility-Ability outcomes model for governments with different levels of information
Optimal tax problem and inequality-efficiency tradeoff
Numerical model for optimal METR schedule, flat METR reckoned to be close to optimal
PTR and METR definitions, revenue-maximising rate on top earners
Post-tax/pre-tax diagrams, diminishing marginal utility of income
Tax system from median voting
Uncompensated wage labour supply elasticities empirical study, participation fixed costs
Criticism of use of elasticities
Participation elasticities for lone mothers
Intertemporal elasticity of labour
Optimal taxes for the US, Pareto ability distribution
Optimal METR schedule with lognormal ability distribution
Topics of readingsAuthor and year
Commodity tax rule
Version of Ramsey rule for one person/many people
Relation of tax to complementarity with leisure
Rejection of weak separability of commodities and leisure
Ramsey rule suggests uniform taxation with quasi-separable leisure and goods
Unnecessary differential commodity taxation with optimal income tax
Application of previous result to capital taxation
Deadweight loss minimisation, Diamond-Mirrlees production efficiency lemma, equilibration of marginal revenue benefits
UK VAT history and detail, practical costs to differential commodity tax, empirical complementarities with leisure, excise taxes
Income and commodity tax mix
2-period overlapping generations model
2-generation production economy with golden rule capital accumulation
Dynastic economy with Richardian equivalence
Social insurance, causes of inequality, poverty and equality inefficiencies, horizontal and vertical equity, redistributive pensions, poverty relief and targeting
Pension objectives, PAYG and fully-funded types, irrelevance of type with demographics problem
Myopia reason for compulsory pension, political basis of PAYG introduction, UK pension reforms

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