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Topics of papersAuthor and year
Commodity and fiat money, model to show endogenous money as a medium of exchange
Historical money as a unit of account, use of coins for taxation. Money as a debt instrument.
Store of value money in overlapping generations model
Criticism of Wallace: other stores of value, transition of wealth from old to young, social security, public good element of money
Evidence for Cartalist view and Mengerian view of money. Extension to Optimal Currency Areas
Dominant international currencies
Double coincidence of wants
Quantity theory of money and money demand in a portfolio
Historical close (and stable) relationship between money and nominal variables. Use of large shocks to impose causality
Liquidity preference; transactions, precautionary and speculative motive. Saving/investment curves problems. Importance of the speculative motive in monetary policy
Money demand model updated for newer UK data, structural breaks
Evolution of money demand theories including Baumol-Tobin, structural breaks in money demand functions
Money balances as a buffer stock
Cost-push and wage-push inflation debate
Bresciani-Turroni and author debate about German hyperinflation: quantity theory vs exchange rate. Steps in which the Reichmark lost its money roles
Quantity theory equation
High correlation of trending variables
Topics of papersAuthor and year
Reserves supply and demand model, floor and ceiling on Fed Funds rate, USA policy setting, discount window and reserve requirements
Fractional reserve banking and endogenous money
Review of Dow and Saville paper: nominal variables influence money, credit rationing
Difficult to separate monetary policy effects, especially when fiscal policy also operates,the 'corset' and counterfactual simulation. 80s economic history: currency, unemployment
Lawson Boom of the late 80s: stable money growth, deregulation, relaxed policy, falling oil prices
Exchange Rate Mechanism structure and history: why Britain failed to stay in
16th century Great Inflation and the causes debate: currency debasement, gold imports (Bodin), foreign demand
Mechanism of monetary policy transmission channels
Change in monetary policy effectiveness over time. Interest rate channel, problem of endogenous policy when measuring channel effects
House prices in the UK transmission mechanism
Balance sheet and bank lending channels and their relation to the EFP. Interest rate channel insufficiency
Financial accelerator and the credit channel (composed of balance sheet and bank lending channels again). Screening and monitoring role of banks, does accelerator only affect the s
'Capital channel', Great Depression example and Basel
US panel data to test bank lending channel, study balance sheets. Test the effect of liquidity constraints on small banks. Study bias and aggregation problems
Aggregation of the above study data. Bank in a holding company result implies individual bank financial constraints, but overall effect is weak
Financial accelerator and persistence, flight to quality. Panel data study on sales growth
Pecking Order Hypothesis

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