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Gradually getting louder or softer
Whether a sound is high or low
Pattern of stressed or unstressed notes
Time or pace music is played; 'rate of speed'
A musical sound of particular pitch; note
Regular pulse of beats grouped in larger units called measures (or bars) usually containing a specific number of beats per measure
A unit of musical rhythm
The sign placed at the beginning of the staff to indicate the pitch of the line
The tones played above or below the melody; makes chords
The color of an instrument
A series of musical tones in the shape the ear can recognize
Types of harmony; either pleasant or discordant
The way multiple voices (or instruments) interact in a composition, can be polyphonic, monophonic, etc.
Two or more independent lines of melody sounding simultaneously
Three to four movement orchestral piece, generally in sonata form.
A solo instrument plays with a larger orchestra.
Written for 2 to 10 solo parts featuring one instrument to a part. Each part bears the same importance. (hint: played in smaller rooms)
An opera with a humorous plot, generally spoken dialogue, and a happy ending
A separate section of a larger composition.
A form of writing for vocals that is close to the manner of speech and is rhythmically free.
A solo vocal piece with instrumental accompaniment
An extended cantata on a sacred subject.
Music written for chorus and orchestra. Most often religious in nature.
A short piece originally preceded by a more substantial work, also an orchestral introduction to opera, however not lengthy enough to be considered an overture.
A composition written for three to six voices. Beginning with the exposition, each voice enters at different times, creating counterpoint with one another.
Music of a particular form consisting of four movements. Each of the movements differ in tempo, rhythm, and melody; but are held together by subject and style.
A small group of principal instruments plays in contrast with a larger orchestra.
A highly varied polyphonic song form, originally sacred.
Music mimes the literal meaning of the song
A Protestant hymn melody
A song form popular in Renaissance Italy and England; usually polyphonic and always lyrical.
An ensemble using instruments of the same family.
The highest singing voice.
The lowest singing voice.
A drama where the words are sung instead of spoken.
The ending of an opera in which many different parts are being sung simultaneously
Crude; unrefined. This musical style juxtaposed many new ideas with old ones.
The music is not written in any specific key
Representing the prevalent attitudes, values, and practices of a society or group
The use of two time signatures simultaneously
Two or more patterns played simultaneously
Music that pushes the boundaries of genres
Music that is not restricted to standard or traditional elements; ignores rhythm, meter, harmony, etc.
Music that is determined by chance; improvisation
A piano that has had its sound altered by placing objects on or between the strings, hammers, or dampers

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