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What is Bella's full name?
Who is Edward's pizie like sister?
Who does Bella punch/slap in New Moon?
What is Edward's full name?
Who had to be rescued from an asylum so that she wouldn't be hurt by James?
Who finds Bella in the woods in New Moon?
Who are the three members of the visiting coven?
What does Billy say when Bella tells him that she wants to talk to Jacob?
What colour was Edward's human eyes?
What colour was Rosalie's human eyes?
What does Bella say to Charlie when she has to leave bevause of James?
What year was Edward born?
Where was Edward born?
Why do the Volturi come for Bella in Breaking Dawn?
What colour are Kristen Stewarts real life eyes?
What other movie is Edward/Robert in?
What were the Cullen's excuse for going out of town?
What colour is Bella's prom dress?
Who does Jacob imprint on?
Why does Jasper try to attack Bella?
What is the eye colour of vampires who drink human blood?
What is the eye colour of vampires who drink animal blood?
What is the eye colour of vampires that are thirsty?
What is the name of Renee's Husband?
Who does Bella name Renesmee after?
Where was Bella born?
Why did Bella scream in the night in New Moon?
What are the Twilight books called in order?

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