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Can you name the twilight saga character?

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can read minds
bellas dad
vampire mom
sees the future
vampire dad
bellas mom
bellas child
main character
controls emotions
bellas wolf friend
wolf pack leader
bellas gossip friend
human that doesnt like bella
red head that trys to kill bella
trys to kill bella in twilight
jacobs dad
girl wolf
bellas kind human friend
created jasper
vampire that dies in new moon
romanticly involved with laurent
creates fake ids for bella
imprinted on by sam
imprinted on a girl named kim
goes to prom with jessica
main leader of the volturi
jaspers friend part of marias army
peters mate
victorias second mate
vampire with strawberry blonde hair
wolf with bad temper
imprinted on emilys nieces
vampire that has a twin brother
janes twin brother
one of jacobs wolf friends
can see relationships
one of the leaders of the volturi
leahs brother
seth and leahs dad
harrys wife
kills bree
female part of victoria army
dated angela in twilight
dated eric
currently dating angela
renees husband
almost hits bella with his van

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