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Forced Order
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LyricsName of song
I can't hide it, You just smiled, When you walked by me
Weekends in bed, no scrambled eggs, or bacon
Sat on my bed and looked into my eyes, Saw I was grieving for some other time
You think you've heard this before, I'll try and say it differently
Feel the karma coming back, we're gonna be alright
I never learned to swim, How did I end up in the deep end, Like a champion high diver, Waiting for the Olympics?
I want you, I'm telling you
I waited so long, I need to know, darling, What is on your mind
What about the one from around the way? She's not all there but that's OK, She talks to tress, but still she blows my mind
Don't come back until the morning, I'm begging baby please
You're pointing you finger at me, Like I've done something wrong
I wonder how you kiss first thing in the morning
Get yourself together, And we'll leave the world behind
I tried to be tough, to be cool, to be smooth like De-Niro
Maybe you're out tonight, Wish somebody else by your side
LyricsName of song
I feel the music moving through your body
Why is it when we fight, that you look your best?
I jumped on my Vespa, Ride through the gloom
'Cos I'm tired of the games, I won't lie, no I'm not OK
A little bird told me, You're the honey and I'm the bee
Baby just sing a little word in my ear again
Or if you're somewhere listening to Bob Marley
Cos' tonight, the stars are in your eyes, Tonight, your arms are open wide
I'm finding it hard, nobody know
I've been running 'round, Breaking things, Getting into fights
I make it feel like the luck is in the air
And I will surrender, Wear my heart upon your sleeve
And I could be on my knees, going from bad to worse
So don'e let it all end here tonight, And we can fall all over again
If you really have to leave, One more time just move me slow

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