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How well do you really know the Welch Girls? Like do you Really?

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Over how many years were all four Welch sisters born?
How many of the sisters have lived on the West Coast for an extended period of time?
What's the name of the Welch Family's eternally beloved dog?
What is Hannon's annual summer artist program called?
What musical duo was Lexi's high school obsession?
Where did Teddi study abroad?
Has Georgia ever wronged a woman?
Which queer sister came out first?
Name any former bunny owned by the Welch family?
What is the name of the neighborhood Christmas Party?
What is Molly's catch-phrase when it comes to roll-out cookies?
What's a Christmas movie that must be watched every holiday season?
What car game did Georgia and Ed invent?
What did the Welch sisters call Annie's Noodles as children?
What are the blonde v. brunette sister team names?
What color was the house that all 4 Welch sisters lived in inside their mom's belly?

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