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What do you know about APF's First Year?

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Name a nickname of the first person to sleep in Teddi's bed?He left his shoes in the room
What is a common reason for crying on the weekend?
Who are 'the girls'?
Who are the secondary girls?
Who is our token gay friend?
Nickname of the guy who lived across the hallCelebrity
Who said 'motorboat them titties'?
Who is 'the lady the legend'?Weird spelling
Who did we despise?Hint: he came into the room and said 'I'm going to have sex with you, I'm going to have sex with you, and I'm going to have sex with you' also said, 'Head is head'
What was the least funny joke played on us Freshman year?
How would you describe Caitlin's most infamous fart?
What dance was most frequently danced?
Who booty IS it?
Who would be described as 'meager'?
Who wanted to have a threesome with Teddi and Kendra?
Who was almost initiated into the group before turning Evil?Hint: Bible thumper later
What is the powerpoint called?
Who is 'werewolf' or 'sasquatch'?Hint: skated dramatically in empty construction floor
Who fingerbanged Caitlin while everyone was in the room?Hint: Same night as question 1
Who owned Taylor Swift Navajo blankets?
HintAnswerExtra Extra
Who freaked out over Donuts?
Who was immediately forgiven?
Who only did their laundry once in a semester?
How did we describe her underwear?
Name the following in this scenario: one person describes the other person's ass as 'caked'?
How many people were at the 'halloween party' that Aubrey's sister's had?
Who got us home after Katie Guinn's party?
Who generously offered us one shot of alcohol at said party?Hint: she threw up on 'that ****' before
What did Austin buy us when we asked him for a handle of Svedka?
Who did we get excited about seeing in the hallway in their towel?Hint: mostly Caitlin
Who was constantly crying to her boyfriend on the phone?Hint: Broke up and got another boyfriend days later
Who was Teddi's first college crush?
What broke outside of safeway and then had to shove inside a trashcan?
Why were we scolded for stealing cardboard?
What great community service project did Caitlin and Kendra do?
Who hated checking Kendra into Phelan?Hint: Rapper
What was Teddi and Kendra's twitter handle for their blog?
What was our favorite thing to get from the undercaf?
Who turned heads when he walked into the caf?Hint: ate multiple dinners
Who cried?

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