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Can you name the World War 2 aircraft?

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OrginYear Manufacuterer TypeDesignationFacts
USA1942 Republic FighterNicknamed the 'Jug' for its shape
USA1942 North American FighterConsidered the best fighter of all time
USA1935 Curtiss FighterDeamed obsolete, but served until 1954
USA1940 Curtiss FighterThe primary aircraft of the Flying Tigers
USA1941 Lockheed FighterNicknamed the 'Forked Tailed Devil'
USA1941 Bell FighterEngine was behind the cockpit
USA1943 Northrop Night FighterClaimed the final air to air kill of WW2
USA1940 Grumman FighterUS Primary Carrier borne fighter at the start of WW2
USA1943 Grumman FighterClaimed the most victories (5,163) of all time
USA1942 Vought FighterHad bent gull wings for landing gear
USA1938 Douglas Dive BomberHad swiss cheese dive flaps
USA1942 Grumman Torpedo BomberThe US's main torpedo bomber
USA1943 Curtiss Dive BomberSunk The Yamato and her sister ship
USA1937 Boeing BomberNickednamed after the defensive armarment it had
USA1941 Consolidated BomberUsed as a RC flying bomb in operation Aphrodite
USA1940 North American BomberThe bomber used for the Doolittle raid
USA1941 Martin BomberNicknamed the 'Widow Maker'
USA1943 Beoing BomberDropped the Nuclear Bombs on Japan
USA1936 Consolidated Flying BoatThe NAVY's primary recon aircraft of WW2
NG1935 Messerschmitt FighterThe most produced fighter of WW2
NG1939 Focke-Wulf FighterSecond most produced german fighter of WW2
OrginYear Manufacuterer TypeDesignationFacts
NG1944 Messerschmitt FighterFirst successful jet fighter
NG1944 Messerschmitt InterceptorHad a rocket enigine with 8 minutes of fuel
NG1937 Junkers Diver BomberHad a siren used when diving to inflict terror
NG1939 Junkers BomberPrimary German bomber of WW2
UK1938 Supermarine FighterConsidered the most beautiful aircraft of WW2
UK1937 Hawker FighterPlayed a huge role in the Battle of Britain
UK1941 Avro BomberDroped the Grand Slam and Tall Boy bombs
UK1942 de Havilland FighterNicked named wooden wonder
UK1936 Fairey Torpedo BomberThis biplane helped sink the Bismarck
Japan1940 Mitsubishi FighterOne captured by Americans in Akutan
Japan1939 Mitsubishi BomberWork horse of the Japanese imperial army
Japan1937 Nakajima FighterFirst fighter shot down by a US pilot in WW2
Japan1939 Nakajima FighterShot down the most Allied aircraft
Japan1941 Mitsubishi BomberTransported the Ohka
Japan1941 Nakajima Torpedo BomberUsed as a kamikaze late in the war
Japan1940 Achi Dive BomberThe main Japanese dive bomber of WW2
Japan1943 Kawasaki FighterOnly Japanese Plane with a 'V' engine
USSR1943 Yakovlev FighterThe best Soviet fighter of WW2
USSR1941 Mikoyan-Gurevich FighterReplaced the MiG-1
USSR1940 Lavochkin FighterMade entirely out of wood to reduce cost
USSR1941 Ilyushin Dive BomberKnown as a 'Flying Tank'

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