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FactsNickname or NameOrgin and Type
Given 2 different 'M' designationsUSA1941 Light Tank
Named after two civil war generalsUSA1942 Medium Tank
Main & most famous US Tank of WW2USA1942 Meduim Tank
The primary Allied TD at the start of WW2USA1942 Gun Motor Carraige
First tank to be air droppedUSA1943 Light Tank
Famous later for the battle: Dien Bien PhuUSA1944 Light Tank
Reached speeds in excess of 60mphUSA1944 Gun Motor Carraige
The most powerful US TD of WW2 (90mm)USA1944 Gun Motor Carraige
The only US heavy Tank of WW2 USA1944 Heavy Tank
Many nations made their own versionsUK1928 Light Tank
Slow due to weight and weak engineUK1939 Infantry Tank
The gun variant did not see combatUK1940 Cruiser Tank
Design was presented around 2.14.1940UK1940 Infantry Tank
Saw service mainly in North AfricaUK1941 Cruiser Tank
Named after British Prime MinisterUK1941 Infantry Tank
*A27L* Many were used as AA TanksUK1942 Cruiser Tank
The turret had many large rivets visibleUK1943 Cruiser Tank
Only tank to use the 77mmHV gunUK1944 Cruiser Tank
Based off a British tank made by VickersUSSR1931 Light Tank
Named after Bystrochodnij TankovUSSR1935 Light Tank
Named after Kliment VoroshilovUSSR1939 Heavy Tank
First tank with sloped armorUSSR1940 Medium Tank
Many converted into anti-aircraft gunsUSSR1942 Light Tank
The most produced Soviet TD of WW2USSR1942 Self Propelled Gun
Armed with a 122mm HowitzerUSSR1942 Self Propelled Gun
FactsNickname or NameOrgin and Type
Named after its Gun, the 85mm DT5USSR1943 Self Propelled Gun
Soldiers nicknamed it 'Pizdets vsemu'USSR1944 Self Propelled Gun
Named after Josef StalinUSSR1945 Heavy Tank
A 75mm Howitzer was placed in the HullFrance1921 Heavy Tank
1st put in combat on luck-based measureFrance1935 Light Tank
Used by Germany after France's FallFrance1935 Light Tank
Well known for its reliabilityCzech.1938 Medium Tank
The first tank in the panzer seriersGermany1935 Light Tank
Used in the early years of WW2Germany1936 Light Tank
Used as an IFV later on in the WarGermany1939 Light Tank
Germany's primary tank of WW2Germany1939 Medium Tank
Destroyed more than 20000 enemy tanksGermany1940 Assault Gun
Stole Soviet sloped armour designGermany1942 Medium Tank
First armed with captured Soviet GunsGarmany1942 Tank Destroyer
Design differed little from its predecessorGermany1942 Tank Destroyer
The most feared tank of WW2Germany1942 Heavy Tank
Equipped with a Panzer's chassisGermany1943 Assault Gun
Had a RC Machine Gun on topGermany1943 Tank Destroyer
Named 'Hunting Tank' in GermanGermany1943 Tank Destroyer
Considered one of the best TDs of WW2Germany1944 Tank Destroyer
Had porshe and production turretsGermany1944 Heavy Tank
Known as 'Iron Coffins'Italy1940 Medium Tank
Was far outclassed by other tanksJapan 1935 Light Tank
Japans primary tank, but was still obsoleteJapan1937 Medium Tank
The tank was put on the hull of tank #2Canada1941 Cruiser Tank
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