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Can you name the WorldWar2: Wierd wacky and experimental?

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ManufacturerAircraftExtra Info
RepublicSuccessor to the P-47
LockheedSuccessor to the P-38
GoodyearSuccessor to the F4U
Curtiss WrightA canard configuration
McDonnelMcDonnell's 1st aircraft
VoughtTop speed was 475mph
GMHad a 6-Bladed prop
NorthropRocket-powered flying wing
VulteeHad a Pusher Prop
NorthropTop speed was 465mph
GrummanJust 14ft Long
GrummanTwin Engined
RyanJet and prop powered
Bellhad twin pushing engines
BeechcraftA much improved Havoc
MesserschmittVery long Ranged
Horten'Stealthy' Flying Wing
JunkersSwept Foward Wings
ManufacturerAircraftExtra Info
AradoMax speed 461mph
LuftwaffeJu88 & Fw-190 in one
MesserschmittActually saw combat
MesserschmittPowered by pulse jets
BachemA rocket-armed Rocket
Fock WulfeFw-190 successor
Fock WulfeDeveloped into MiG-15
DornierA Canard Configuration
HeinkelA wooden jet-fighter
MesserschmittThe Bf-109s successor
Messerschmitt92ft Long, 33ft High
FlettnerA helicopter
YokosukaKamakazi Missle?
MitsubishiThe Sucessor to the Zero
KyushuA Canard Configuration
NakajimaHad no landing gear
HawkerHad 12 .30 cals
SupermarineSpitfire's Successor

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