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France1966 Main Battle TankFrances MBT exported to Western Nations
Israel1979 Main Battle TankIsraels first self designed MBT
Sweden1966 Main Battle tankTo lower sillouette, it had no turret
UK1945 Main Battle TankOne of the most durable tanks of its time
UK1963 Main Battle TankIntroduced the supine driving position
UK1983 Main Battle TankMBT of the UK durring the later Cold War
UK1986 IFVBecame the base for western IFV's
USA1949 Medium TankThe first US tank of the Cold War
USA1951 Medium TankMain US tank of the early Cold War years
USA1952 Main Battle TankThe first MBT of the US
USA1963 Main Battle TankMain MBT of the West until 1980s
USA1968 Light TankAirdropped & amphibious for Vietnam War
USA1981 IFVMade to counter USSR IFVs
USA1981 Main Battle Tank1st to field Chobham & Depleated Uranium Armour
USSR1952 Light TankAmphibous tank used to cross water
USSR1941 Medium TankThe first tank to have sloped armour
USSR1949 Main Battle TankThe most produced tank in history
USSR1958 Main Battle TankFirst to have a Smoothbore Gun
USSR1967 IFV1st Infranty Fighting Vehicle made in mass
USSR1970 Main Battle TankBecame the bassis for future USSR Tanks
USSR1974 Main Battle TankStandard Eastern MBT 1974-1989
USSR1982 IFVStandard IFV of the east later in the Cold War
USSR1976 Main Battle TankLast MBT of the USSR
W.Germ.1965 Main Battle TankGermany's first MBT, widely exported
W.Germ.1979 Main Battle TankBackbone of many less powerful nations

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