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Can you name the Military Aircraft of the USA?

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Manufacturer/designationNameEx. Info
Boeing P-26US First Monoplane
Curtiss P-36Deam Obloslete by WW2
Lockheed P-38Nicknamed the 'fork-tailed devil' By the luftwaffe
Bell P-39The engine was monted behind the cockpit.
Curtiss P-40Used by the Flying Tigers
Republic P-47Nicknamed the 'Jug'
North American P-51Considered the best fighter ever built
Bell P-59US First jet fighter, but irocically slower than the P-51
Northrop P-61Scored the last Air to Air kill of WW2
Bell P-6373% of them were delivered to The USSR
Grumman F4FPrimary carrier-besed fighter at the start of WW2
Grumman F6FScored the most victories of any Navy fighter
Grumman F7FThis twin engine aircreft was intended for the Midway Class
Grumman F8FIntended for smaller escort carriers
Vought F4UHad gull wings so the gaint prop would not hit the ground
Lockheed P-80/F-80Redesignated the F-80 after WW2
North American F-82'Two P-51's in one plane'
Republic F-84Deamed flyable after the D-model was made
Manufacturer/designationNameEx. Info
North American F-86Though very similar scored a 10:1 kill ratio against the Mig-15
Northrop F-89First Combat fighter able to carry neuclear weapons
Lockheed F-94A modified F-80
North American F-100Designed and named from the the F-86
McDonnell F-101A neuclear armed fighter for the TAC
Convair F-102The first supersonic and delta winged fighter of the USAF
Lockheed F-104The wings where so thin that they would cut people if touched
Republic F-105Primary aircraft of the Wild Weasles
McDonnell Douglas F-4Early model lacked a gun
Vought F-8The attack model (A-7) was named the Corsair II
Grumman F-14Designed for the USS Enterpise
McDonnell Douglas F-15Has a 1:0 kill ratio
General Dynamics F-16Nicknamed the 'Viper'
McDonnell Douglas F/A-18The current carrier-born fighter
Beoing F/A-18E/FAn upgraded F/A-18
Lockheed Martin F-22The first stealth fighter
Lockheed Martin F-35The 2nd stealth fighter

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