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Can you name the characters from The Wire Season 4 Ending Montage?

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Hears from his father about his new living situation
Assumes custody of one of his students
Returns to his former position with the Major Crimes Unit
Is dismissed from the police department for 'conduct unbecoming'
Meets with Vondas
Spies on Vondas' aforementioned meeting
Walks out of a presentation on his failed education program
Leads the investigation into the 22 dead bodies found in vacant homes
Stares. forlorn, at 22 red names
Eats at Werner's Deli with Mayor Carcetti and Rhonda Pearlman
Sees the aforementioned Werner's lunch meeting while eating with Clay Davis
Works on Michael's corner
Sees one of his former students working the corner
Mistakenly offers a teacher drugs, then spits on his car
Is beaten and robbed by older boys in his foster home
Coaches his boxing students while recovering from a gunshot to the leg
Presides over a city budget meeting
Reprimands a group of kids at the former hangout spot for Michael/Namond/Dukie/Randy
Helps Bug with his homework
Instructs Michael to dump his gun into a storm drain

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