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Can you name the characters from The Wire Season 3 ending montage?

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'The f**k y'all standing around for? Man, get to work.'
Arrests some corner kids, alongside Colicchio
Delivers a speech on the campaign trail for mayor
Listens to a briefing at his new post in the Western District
Gets a look at Cutty's new gym, shares a nod with him
Sleeps at work, while Crutchfield cuts off his tie
Cries on the couch next to photos of D'Angelo and Stringer
Tosses a duffle bag full of guns into the bay
Rides by a corner a night, mean-mugging Fruit
Stands alone on the corner
Helps Syndor take down the cork board on the Barksdale organization
Boxes up materials from the Barksdale case
Turns off the light of the now empty Major Crimes Unit office
Delivers a speech on the campaign trail for mayor
Watches the above candidate's speech
Twirls his baton while laughing/conversing with the citizens of his new foot patrol
Faces weapons/parole violation charges in court
Sits in a row of criminals charged alongside their former boss
Prosecutes a drug kingpin in court
Sneaks out of the back of the courtroom during her brother's trial
Taunts his defeated foe with a slight nod from the gallery of his trial

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