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Forced Order
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I hear your wish. You don't have to wish it so loudly.
Love makes us sick. Haunts our dreams. Destroys our day. Love has killed more than any disease.
Is that a crater?
Beautiful? You ride like a man.
So you're a stalker?
You don't get emotional over men? Uhm the floral abuse tells a different story
I need to feel something.
She left here to break up your wedding because she's in love with you. Unless something changed her mind along the way.
Why were you kissing that man in the stables? You're to marry my father, you're to be my mother!
I will destroy your happiness, if it is the last thing I do.
You've always seen yourself that way haven't you? Innocent.
QuotePerson who said it
Like me more now Charming?
Where's your mom kid? She's gonna kill me, then you, then me again.
Thursdays they pick up Chinese for dinner.
I'ts the most wonderful and amazing thing in the world. Love is hope; It fuels our dream, and if you're in it, you need to enjoy it because love doesn't always last forever.
We all have our tragedies, lost love being the worst.
Two people with a common goal can accomplish many things, but two people with a common enemy can do even more
Congratulations Prince Charming, you're the first.
Did you ever doubt I would?
I don't know what I ever did to you, Miss Swan, to deserve this. To have you keep coming at everything I hold dear.
Remembrance of things past?
No matter what you think. No matter what anyone tells you. I do love you.

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