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Can you name the following words that begin and end with the letter 'a'?

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Been on the USA's top list of names since 1880
Water; a liquid; green-blue color; hit single 'Barbie'
The first in a series of related items: frequently used in chemistry and physics
List of things to be done
Math formulas include: base x height, 1/2bh, 4s
One-celled protozoa
Purchased by the US from Russia in 1867
Spain's was defeated in 1588 by the British
Condition cased by lack of oxygen; may lead to death
One of the main branches of pure mathematics
A domesticated species of South America that resembles a llama
Class of joint-legged invertebrate animals with eight legs
The largest country on the Mediterranean Sea and 11th largest in the world
Used by the food industry to describe a pleasant odor
More prevalent in athletes than in the general population; 15% been diagnosed

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