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Clark Kents birth nameKryptonian
PetFavourite golden retrevier
Clark Kents Hero Name
Best FriendBlond, super genius
Old Best FriendLeft Smallville in season 3
100th EpisodeJohnathan Kents death
200th EpisodeHigh School Reunion
His First LoveThe girl he fell for
His WifeA Perky Brunette
HQJimmy's wedding present to Chole
Effects of Green KryptoniteMeteror rocks
Effects of Red KryptoniteSchool rings
Effects of Black Kryptonitegiven to Martha by Bridget Crosby
Effects of Sliver KryptoniteCreated by Braniac
Effects of Blue KryptoniteUsed by Zod to stay on planet Earth
Effects of Gold KryptoniteUsed in the final episode of Smallive
Kryptonian Abilitylegs
Kryptonian Abilitybody
Kryptonian Abilityears
Kryptonian Abilityeyes
Kryptonian AbilityComes out of his mouth
Kryptonian Abilitybulletproof
Kryptonian Abilitylegs/body
Kryptonian Abilityeyes
Biological Mother
Biological Father
Biological UncleBiological Fathers brother
Biological CousinWas under water until season 6
Adoptive MotherFull name
Adoptive FatherFull name
Clark Kryptonian ShelterFormed by a crystal
Allies'nice tights'
AlliesGreen and Orange
AlliesLex's Machine Experiment
AlliesHe is a good runner
AlliesBlack Bird
AlliesShe's a star
Alliesthe doctor
Allieswatchtower 2
Alliesfrom another planet
Allies'He was wearing a gold plated helmet and a cape, which actually looked pretty good' - Lois Lane
VillainSeason 2
VillainSeason 3
VillainSeason 4
VillainSeason 5
VillainSeason 6
VillainSeason 7
VillainSeason 8
VillainSeason 9
VillainSeason 10
The Kryptonian PrisonCreated by Jor-El

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