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Hot runny lava that flows quietly downhill
Cooler lava that erupts violently with pyroclastic material
Two types of lava: (Ans: - )
1. Hot and runny; surface resembling coils of rope
2. Cooler and blocky
Lava that forms underwater
Large chunks of pyroclastic material
Pyroclastic flows of hot glowing clouds of ash
Pyroclastics mixed with rain, ice and snow
Volcanic Structures:
Small opening at the top of a volcano
>1 km across opening formed after magma chamber drains and sides cave in
Types of Volcanoes:
Large dome of successive lava flows
Mainly pyroclastic material; small
Mixture of flows and pyroclastic material; classic volcano
Where oceanic crust descends below thicker continental crust
Subduction zones generate _____ magma
A submarine volcano

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