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Process of rocks being formed
Pore spaces reduced and particles pressed closer together
Precipitate from solution onto grains fills pores and cements grains together
Process of changing sediments or sedimentary rock into different sedimentary rock
Type of sedimentary rocks formed from rock fragments and minerals deposited by wind, glaciers, rivers and gravity; mainly made of clay and quartz
Sedimentary rocks that fall into this category:
Made of silt and clay deposited in quiet water in lakes, floodplains, and lagoons; used for pottery, bricks, tile
Made of sand grains of mainly quartz; called arkose if lots of feldspar
Solidified gravel from landslides, stream beds, or wave action; has rounded stones
Same as previous except angular stones
Type of sedimentary rocks that form from weathered material in solution precipitating or from dead marine organisms
Sedimentary rocks that fall into this category:
Made of calcite formed in coral reefs
Limestone made of shells
Limestone made of tiny plankton
Limestone formed in caves
Formed from replacing Ca by Mg in the calcite of limestone
Made from micro-organisms that built their hard parts with silica from seawater
This category of sedimentary rocks from in shallow sea water and salt flats
An evaporite
Another evaporite
Yet another evaporite
Made of plants that grew in ancient swamps then decomposed under heat and pressure over millions of years; used for steel making and electricity
Classification in detrital rocks is based mainly on
Classification in chemical rocks is based mainly on
Two textures:
Mainly detrital rock and mineral fragments of different sizes
Chemical sedimentary rocks that have interlocking crystals
Sedimentary structures:
Individual deposits (events)
Dessication where water evaporated and mud dried out
Action of former waves, currents, and winds over loose sediments
Remains of organisms

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