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Two types of igneous rock: (Ans: - )
_______ reaction series
Process by which the composition of magma changes as it gradually crystallizes
Term for the composition of magma changing from rock falling and melting or from two different magmas mixing
Four types of rock composition:
Igneous rock textures:
Fine; formed by rapid cooling at or near the Earth's surface
Coarse, crystals of equal size; formed by slower cooling below the surface
Larger crystals surrounded by smaller ones
Lava quenched quickly so that no crystals form
Magma ejected into the air that falls back as small particles
Felsic rock; usually phaneritic
Felsic rock; usually aphanitic
Andestitic rock; usually aphanitic
Andesitic rock; usually phaneritic
Mafic rock; usually aphanitic
Mafic rock; usually phaneritic
Ultramafic rock found in upper mantle
Glassy texture; dark colour
Glassy texture; floats on water
Pyroclastic rock with particles smaller than 2 mm
Pyroclastic rock with particles larger than 2 mm
Discordant bodies where magma intruded fractures
Concordant bodies where magma squeezed between layers
Concordant bodies that bulge in middle due to intrusion of viscous magma
>100 km2 exposed in cores of mountain belts; original magma chamber

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