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Who defeated Napoleon in his final battle?
Who proposed the germ theory of disease?
What political philosophy was based on enlightenment principles of freedom from government restraint and the protection of civil liberties?
What committee did Robespierre establish in order to shape the new French republic?
- cultural movement which marked the 'rebirth' of Greco-Roman culture, beginning in 13th century Italy and lasting until 1600.
- the Spanish and Portuguese officials who resided temporarily in Latin America, and helped drain the Americas of their wealth.
What was Martin Luther's profession?
What addictive drug did the British sell to the chinese?
The deputies of the Third Estates' National Assembly swore this before drafting their new constitution.
Which country did Voltaire consider 'more free' than his native France?
Who said 'Is it not absurd that the laws, which punish murder, should, in order to prevent murder, publicly commit murder themselves?'
What did Indians call the Sepoy Mutiny?
Which french Estate was NOT exempt from the taille?
Monarchs who believed in ______________ did not consider themselves accountable to their citizens, but only to God.
- an economic environment in which the state allows trade to go on unregulated.
What artistic movement has largely been seen as a reaction against the values of the Enlightenment?
Name one of the 'Liberators of South America?'
Did Jean-Jacques Rousseau believe in equality between men and women?
Which Roman code of law applied to ALL people?
What document recognized vassal rights, the obligations of king to his knights, and vice-versa?
Who said 'All this colonial business is a sham, but we need it for the elections.'
Were the Spartans an 'open' or 'closed' society?
- protestants in England inspired by Calvinist ideas?
Which successful British novelist wrote /Great Expectations/ and /A Tale of Two Cities/?
- the period of flourishing trade and general order throughout the Roman Empire (A.D. 14 - 180 A.D.)?
Who invented the telephone in 1876?
Name one of the countries of the Triple Entente
What continent did David Livingstone explore?
Which fleet commander, involved in the establishment of U.S. - Japanese relations, shares a name with a cast member of the hit T.V. series 'Friends'?
Who's the creepy lookin dude on page 284 of the World History textbook?
Where can you contact the author of this quiz for help and tutoring in a variety of subjects, including History, French, and English?

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