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2nd lryicfirst lyric
 count so much money
 my swaggas out of space
 im dunking on
 watch stephon
 i got a red aston martin
 all work no play
 rapperz on tour
 but dey dont stay round now
 im hotter than
 knick knack patty whack
 im like get back gimmie dat
 u like knick knack patty whack
 im like get back gimmie dat
 honey i am home
 add another world
 i am it and dont forget
 ehemm, swagga on a zillion,im louis V down
 house so big like i live in a building, no chandaliers
 brand new car
2nd lryicfirst lyric
 see homie u a square
 long hair,dont care holla back bitch
 gangsta to the bristle
 im the **** and you
 better tell em im hotter
 white benz chrome wheels
 yung mula
 black card
 make you
 you ain't on da
 i'm on
 my swagger
 hopped up out of bed
 take a look

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