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Can you name the missing words in the quotes from Russell Peters' Comedy Now! special (c.2004)?

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QuoteMissing Word(s)
'Somebody gonna get a _______ real bad!'
'I always hated that threat because he'd always say _______. He'd never tell you it was you!'
'300 years from now, there's not gonna be anymore white people, there's not gonna be anymore black people. Everybody's gonna be _______.'
'I'm Indian, I have my own motherland: _______.'
'Same-sex marriages? I've got bigger things to worry about; I have to worry about an _______ marriage.'
'DON'T.... DO IT! I'll phone _______ _______.'
'I'll let out a little secret about Indians. Indian people know exactly what their _______ sounds like.'
'We don't do hard, physical work like that. Why do you think you don't see very many Indian _______.'
'You pick the cotton, and I will get the t-shirts made, and together we _______ it.'
'If you love women and then you get married, then you just love _______.'
'You'll do what? Brrrrrr..... well, let me get you the _______, tough guy!
'Why would I know them?' 'Because they are of the gay, and you are in the _______ business.'
QuoteMissing Word(s)
'Be a _______! Do the right thing!'
'You're 10 years old and find out how to scare your dad? That's like finding _______.'
'Who uses an Indian slave? Do I look physically ready to do hard labour? Give us a calculator we'll do your _______.'
'An Indian guy will look at a shirt and go 'I don't know, I could probably get this made for _______ dollars.'
'Hook up a Jamiacan with an Italian; they can have little _______.'
'I'm Indian, I could hook up with a Jewish girl. We could have little _______.'
'Get a woman from the Philippines and a guy from Holland; have little _______.'
'Guy from Cuba, woman from Iceland; little _______ _______.'
'A French and a Greek; _______.'
'A German and a Newfie; little _______.'
'Why the hell did you answer the phone!? You do not come to my _______ if you can't speak the language!'
'You look like a rich, Canadian white man. You're a _______.'

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