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Can you name the Final Fantasy Countries by Head-of-State?

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KingFinal Fantasy I
Elf PrinceFinal Fantasy I
Princess HildaFinal Fantasy II
Prince GordonFinal Fantasy II
The EmperorFinal Fantasy II
Elder of ________Final Fantasy IV
King of ________Final Fantasy IV
Prince Edward Chris von MuirFinal Fantasy IV
High Monk Yang Fang LeidenFinal Fantasy IV
King GiottFinal Fantasy IV
Prince Edward 'Edge' GeraldineFinal Fantasy IV
King Alexander Highwind __________Final Fantasy V
King of ________Final Fantasy V
Queen _________Final Fantasy V
Galuf Halm BaldesionFinal Fantasy V
Kelger VlondettFinal Fantasy V
King Xezat Matias __________Final Fantasy V
Emperor __________Final Fantasy VI
King Edgar Roni __________Final Fantasy VI
KefkaFinal Fantasy VI
Mayor DominoFinal Fantasy VII
Godo KisaragiFinal Fantasy VII
President Vinzer DelingFinal Fantasy VIII
President Laguna LoireFinal Fantasy VIII
Queen BrahneFinal Fantasy IX
Regent Cid Fabool IXFinal Fantasy IX
King of ___________Final Fantasy IX
GarlandFinal Fantasy IX
Grand Maester MikaFinal Fantasy X
His Royal Majesty King RaminasFinal Fantasy XII
Emperor Gramis Gana SolidorFinal Fantasy XII
Prince Rasler Heios __________Final Fantasy XII
Marquis Halim Ondore IVFinal Fantasy XII
House MargraceFinal Fantasy XII
Gran Kiltias AnastasisFinal Fantasy XII

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