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Denied the reality of the incarnation claimed to offer a secret gospel to the elite.
Tertullian fell into this 'holier-than-thou' heresy.
Christ is 'Homoiousion', not 'Homoousion.'
Christ did not have a human soul and body, but only a human body joined to the Logos.
'Christokos' but not 'Theotokos'
Christ had only one nature, not two
Original Sin and infant baptism are out; earning heaven by one's own efforts is in.
Matter is bad. Procreation is bad. The clergy are bad. Jesus is a phantom demiurge. The consolamentum is all you need. Suicide is virtuous. France is in trouble.
If you crack under persecution, you can't beforgiven (or, at the very least, now you can't be a clergyman.)
Sola scriptura. Sola Fide.
The above + absolute depravity + double predestination + no free will
The nuns of Port Royal practiced...
All truth comes by faith. Reason can't be trusted.
Another French heresy, this one elevating councils and sometimes the state to a higher degree of religious authority than that of the Pope.
The synthesis of all heresies: theological labels kept, dogmatic content chucked in order to accommodate Catholicism to so-called 'new thought' and 'higher criticism'
Emperor Heraclius' attempted theological compromise
Early Jewish Christians who refused to accept the catholicity of the Christian faith, insisting everyone must practice Mosaic Law.

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