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QUIZ: Can you name the Answers about Shakespeare's Life and Family??

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Shakespeares first name.
Shakespeares Wife's full name.
Shakespeare first born child.
Shakespeares twins names.
Date Shakespeare was born.
Date Shakespeare died.
His home town.
His theatre.
The name of his first acting troupe.
The second name of his troupe.
The queen during his time.
One of the 3 plays performed from 1590-1592.
How many years older was his wife?
How many months pregnant was she when they got married?
Did Shakespeare go to grammar school?
Shakespears father.
Shakespeares mother.
How many sonnets did he write in his lifetime?
How many plays did he write in his lifetime?
One types of play he wrote.
Year their first child was born.
Name the child that died before he did.
The class actors were considered.
The age of characters that Shakespeare often played.
How old was he when he got married?

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