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Can you name the movie from it's changed description due to dropping one letter in the title?

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Ex: Brian de Palma crime drama about a disfigured drug lord. (Answer: Carface) 4 answers include a word that is misspelled due to the missing letter but the meaning remains. (Ex: Happy Eat, instead of Feet) Misspelled titles have been marked. GOOD LUCK!
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Movie DescriptionAnswerYear
Disney movie about a shut-ins research into Mathematics & Geometry. 2010
(misspelled) Animated classic about a young lady’s passion for ballet. 1959
Romantic comedy involving a bird, a fountain and an adventure in the city. 2010
Superhero’s tale about protecting all of the animals of the world. 2008
Animated movie about a young fish’s quest to find himself and how he fits in this world. 2003
(Misspelled) Disney movie about a young boy who devours his quirky, adopted family. 2007
Animated family film, when a squirrel is pushed to his limit, he seeks revenge on the neighboring community. 2006
Animated classic about a young dog and her life-long love for pavement. 1955
One owl’s violent struggle to protect a stranger’s baby. 2007
Superhero film about one rich man’s battle against evil. 2008
Comedy classic about several knights journey to find a coveted train station. 1975
Comedic tale of disgruntled workers attempts to keep up with the competition.1999
Family comedy about a presidential invasion against a toy maker.1986, 1961, 1934
Movie DescriptionAnswerYear
Action- packed video game adaptation about a funeral home adventurer and her sexy assistant. 2001
Cary Grant stars as the owner of an exotic neighborhood pet store and his attempt to find an owner for a leopard named “Baby”. 1938
LOTR inspired musical set in the forrest of Fangorn.2005
A dentist whose people skills leave much to be desired, is asked to be the key-note speaker to one of the city’s biggest events. 2008
American teenager’s shopping spree and the scandal it caused involving her long-lost father who didn’t even know she existed. 2003
Comedy classic in which a tattooed high school girl must choose between her childhood sweetheart and a rich but sensitive playboy. 1986
Comedy involving two girls attempts to become professional soccer players while honing their skills as assassins. 2002
Disney family movie involving a young English girl named Nikky and her aunt who arrive at a hotel in Crete to discover an odd, late-night bowling tradition. 1964
(misspelled) The children of two famous mathematicians are called upon to save the world, which spawned three sequels. 2001
Set in futuristic Britain, an experimental therapy designed to solve the problems of crime using appliances goes horribly wrong. 1971
Animated adventure about a guilt ridden molecule who flees into exile after thinking he accidentally killed his proton father. 1994
(misspelled) The story of King George VI of Britain and his unlikely diet that helped him ascend to the throne. 2010
Oscar nominated drama involving a family oil tycoon around the turn of the century and the bodies they buried. 2007

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