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London during the Roman period - the original London
Early Anglo Saxon London - where Covent Garden is today
The third London - moved by Alfred the Great
The second most important river in London
Westminster/London (saying)
River civilization
Lawyers of London on the boundary between the city of Westminster and London
Inland sea society
Roman Emperor 43 AD sent original invasion to London
Name of Westminster when it was an island
Leader of the Iceni around 60 AD - Burnt London to the ground
Most important thing about London
Lived in the 11th century, had Westminster Abbey built, moved court to Westminster
Gave Bayswater it's name - friend of William the Conqueror
Father of Fleet street - moved printing press from Westminster to Fleet Street
Richest Elizabethan, created the Royal Exchange - sacked thousands of workers to convert the land into pasture
Kept a diary from 1660-1669 recording events during the restoration, plague, and fire
The baker who owned the bakery where the Great Fire of London began
One of the highest acclaimed architects in history, designed St. Paul's Cathedral
Painter and satirist, created 'Gin Lane'
Wrote the first English Dictionary, said 'When a man is tired of London he is tired of life'
Designed the first underground tunnel - father and son
English novelist in the 19th century, perfectly portrayed London life
Prime Minister 1940 to 1945, leader during WWII
Current Mayor of London as a whole, former MP

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