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Very beautiful and impressive
The new library was _________________. 
Said very firmly, speaker refuses to change his or her mind
Ken _________ that he needed a hug. 
Announced in a clear way
Mrs. Weber ______ that we need to work on our reading goals. 
Sure about what you are doing
Our helper walked ______ down the hall to lead our line. 
Feeling very sad or helpless
Mrs. Mayfield's class was _____ when they thought Ms. Causey was canceling recess. 
Bragged about something in a mean way
The rude students _____ about their soccer victory during P.E.. 
Worrying about how something will turn out
We _____ awaited our test results, hoping that we had done well. 
Plural possessive: Baby
The _______ bottles were warm. 
Singular possessive: Baby
The _____ crib was brown. 
Singular possessive: Child
The ____ bookbag was green. 
Plural: Child
The ______ were hyper. 
Plural possessive: Class
The fourth grade ______ team goals were high. 
Singular possessive: Class
Our _____ homework was easy! 
Plural: Sheep
The ___ are in the meadow. 
Plural: Foot
Keep your shoes on your _____. 
Plural: Elk
The ___ were in the woods. 
Plural: Fish
The aquarium had many ____. 
Plural possessive: Fish
The _____ fins were all blue. 
Singular possessive: Goose
The ____ nest was full of eggs. 
Plural: Goose
The ______ all went swimming. 
Plural: Jeans
Everyone had 2 pairs of ______. 
Singular possessive: Mouse
The ____ house had lots of cheese. 
Plural: Mouse
The _____ all scampered around. 
Plural: Tooth
Don't forget to brush your ____! 
Plural: Woman
All of the 4th grade teachers are _____. 
Singular possessive: Woman
The _____ purse was black. 
Plural: Moose
We wanted to hunt for ________. 
Where two streets intersect
They came to a ________. 
Singular possessive: Family
My _____ house is white. 
Main branch, office, or meeting place.
Police officers go to work at ___________. 
Singular possessive: Person
Each ___ vote was counted. 
Plural possessive: Person

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