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Can you name the complete set of figures in the Heroclix Incredible Hulk set?

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Figure #Figure NameKeywords
001Avengers, Brute, Monster
002Hulkbusters, Scientist
003A.I.M., Scientist
004Hulkbusters, Soldier
005Intelligencia, Robot
006Assembly of Evil, Brute, Cosmic, Intelligencia, Robot
007Avengers, Fantastic Four, Heroes for Hire, Lady Liberators, S.H.I.E.L.D.
008Avengers, Celebrity, Soldier
009Animal, Cosmic, Monster
010Martial Artist, Marvel Knights, Soldier
011Marvel Knights, Soldier
012Femizons, Frightful Four, Future, Lady Liberators, Ruler
013Brute, Monster, Spy
014Intelligencia, Scientist
015Brute, Savage Land, Warrior
016Femizons, Frightful Four, Future
017A.I.M., Scientist
018A.I.M., Intelligencia, Soldier
019Martial Artist, Mystical, The Hand
020Detective, Martial Artist, Mystical, The Hand
021Martial Artist, Marvel Knights
023Marvel Knights, Soldier
Figure #Figure NameKeywords
025Avengers, Cosmic
026Avengers, Celebrity, Champions, Deity, Warrior
027Avengers, Celebrity, Deity, Scientist
028Avengers, Brute, Intelligencia, Offenders, Soldier
029Hulkbusters, Intelligencia, Soldier
030Intelligencia, Scientist, X-Factor
031Martial Artist, Mystical, Ruler, The Hand
032Ruler, Savage Land, Warrior
033Animal, Atlantis, Brute, Lethal Legion, Masters of Evil, Offenders
034Animal, Knights of Wundagore, Ruler
035Fantastic Four, X-Men
036Brute, Fantastic Four
037Fantastic Four, Midnight Sons, Mystical
038Fantastic Four, Reporter
039Ruler, Warbound, Warrior
040Armor, Brute
041Animal, Pet Avengers, Ruler, Savage Land, Warrior
042Illuminati, Inhumans, Kree, Ruler
043Brute, Ruler, Warrior
044Armor, Ruler
045Brute, Cosmic
046Brute, Hulked-Out Heroes
Figure #Figure NameKeywords
047Brute, Hulked-Out Heroes
048Brute, Hulked-Out Heroes
049Atlantis, Brute, Hulked-Out Heroes
050Asgardian, Brute, Hulked-Out Heroes
051Brute, Hulked-Out Heroes
100A.I.M., Brute, Intelligencia, Soldier
101Hulkbusters, Scientist
102Hulkbusters, Soldier
103Martial Artist
104Illuminati, Inhumans, Ruler, Skrulls, Spy
201Brute, Monster
202Hulkbusters, Scientist
203Hulkbusters, Soldier
204Avengers, Lady Liberators
205Marvel Knights, Soldier
206Brute, Monster, Spy
207Brute, Warrior
208Hulkbusters, Soldier
209Intelligencia, Scientist
210Brute, Intelligencia, Monster
S101No Keywords (Special Object)
S102No Keywords (Special Object)

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