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QUIZ: Can you name the Tudor rebellions for A2 History?

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Concern about the work of three government comissioners, Dissolution of the monastries, Break with Rome, Enclosure, Taxes on sheep, Entry fines, Local effect of dissolution, Poor h1536
Concern over William Body's church investigations, Destruction of church images, introduction of prayer book, Wanted to return to Catholic practises and 6 Articles, Taxes on sheep 1549
Incompetent clergy, Enclosure, Unemployment, Land dispute with Flowerdew, Increased rents, Rack-renting, Slump in cloth trade,Inefficiency of government to deal with enclosure, Dis1549
Did not want a Catholic restoration, Widespread xenophobia, Economic hardship, Decline in cloth industry, Did not want Mary to marry Philip of Spain, Fear that government would be 1554
Did not want a Protestant reformation, Leading nobles and gentry in North were Catholic, Many of the gentry involved were retainers of the Earls, Many joined the rebellion out of f1569

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