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Can you name the famous people who's first and last names begin with the same letter?

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AAStadium with his namesake hosts the US Open
BBPopular, scantily-clad character that's been around for generations
CCJournalist wife of Maury Povich
DDFamous soccer player from Ivory Coast
EESouth African Golfer
FFTeen idol from the 40s and 50s
GGFamous Italian Physicist
HHOften blamed for the Great Depression
IIUndefeated Nigerian boxer who is now in prison
JJFather of the King of Pop
KKLead female character on Saved by the Bell
LLThree-time WNBA MVP
MM'Happy Birthday, Mr. President'
NNShe's in the Bad Girls Club
OOPopeye's Gal
PPHe picked a peck of pickled peppers
RRHollywood heads to Washington
SSActress in All in the Family and Gilmore Girls
TTFootball star who filmed a controversial commercial for the 2010 Super Bowl
UUSelma Blair's character's nickname in 2004's 'A Dirty Shame'
VVMagician who exposed some of magic's greatest secrets
WWHosts Charlie and friends at his factory
YYChina's first Winter Olympics gold medal winner
ZZA pseudonym used by one of the other answers on this quiz

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