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One of the materials used to build the temple that was designed by God to Moses
The name given to Mishael
Rachel and Leah
Met Jesus to save her daughter
Isaac in Modern Hebrew (English translation)
Met Jesus at the well
King of Babylon
Journeyed with Paul; 2 Books named after him
One of the cities Paul writes to about the church
Jesus came from this place to be baptized in the Jordan
King of Persia
The confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see
The Physician; Wrote one of the Gospels
Where Abram is from
Captured Israel and Judah
The Zealous disciple
One of the minor prophets
Isaac's wife
Betrayed Samson
Governor of Judah during Zechariah's time
A book of the New Testament; What Abrahams's descendants were called
What Jacob was called by God
'They asked, and he brought them...'
Saul and David
Betrayed Jesus
Father of Isaac

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