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Can you name the famous historical revolutions by the year or time period which they occurred?

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8000 - 2500 B.C.First revolution in agriculture
1979Shah overthrown
1910 - 1920Zapatistas
1756France/Prussia, Britain/Austria --> France/Austria, Britain/Prussia
1789 - 1799Ended by Napoleon
1688James II loses throne
1966 - 1976Honorable Chairman
1775 - 1781'The shot heard around the world'
late 1500's - early 1700'smercantilism, capitalism, colonialism
1917'peace, land, and bread'
1918 - 1919Communist Party put down and a republic was made
1543 - 1700heliocentric theory, gravity, empiricism
1953 -1959Che
1750 - 1840cotton gin, seed drill, light bulb, telephone
1848Occurred throughout most of western and central Europe

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