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Can you name the most influential philosophers throughout history?

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French Enlightenment philosopher who advocated separation of powers and checks and balances.Wrote 'The Spirit of Laws'
German economic philosopher who argued that 'the history of all hitherto is class struggle.''Workers of the world unite!'
Ancient Greek philosopher famous for founding the metaphysics branch of philosophy.Mentor to Alexander the Great
13th century Catholic philosopher who associated reason with proving the existence of God.Wrote 'Summa Theologica'
20th century Austrian philosopher who believed that philosophy can be therapeutic or used as a remedy.Wrote 'Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus'
20th century English philosopher and mathematician who is famous for his 'teapot' theory.Wrote 'The History of Western Philosophy'
Ancient Chinese philosopher who viewed filial piety as a necessity to the well being of society.His philosophies are almost like a religion today.
18th century German philosopher who is famous for his 'categorical imperative'.Wrote 'Critique of Pure Reason'
Early 20th century French philosopher who posited that a person has their own meaning to life and that it can be fulfilled through their choice and behavior.He infamously refused the 1964 Nobel Prize in Literature.
Ancient Greek philosopher whose 'Meditations' said to live each day as if it were your last. (YOLO)Although he was Greek, he was also a Roman emperor.
Scottish Enlightenment philosopher famous for his 'bundle theory' concept.Wrote 'A Treatise of Human Nature'
Ancient Chinese philosopher who conceived the concept of 'Yin & Yang'.Dao = 'the way'
Dutch philosopher who believed that the body and mind existed as one entity.Wrote 'Tractus Theologico-Politicus'
French Enlightenment philosopher who criticized the Catholic Church for its intolerance of speech and religion.Wrote 'Candide'
19th century German philosopher who conceived the idea of √úbermensch (superman).'God is dead'
French Enlightenment philosopher who believed that a ruler must uphold the general will of the public.Wrote 'The Social Contract'
17th century English philosopher who rationally justified absolute monarchy by claiming that in the state of nature, all people are violently driven by greed and self-interest.Wrote 'Leviathan'
Ancient Greek philosopher famous for his theory of forms.Wrote 'The Republic'
French Enlightenment philosopher who conceived the idea of Cartesian dualism.'Cogito ergo sum.' (I think; therefore, I am.)
Scottish economic philosopher who conceived the idea of laissez-faire economics and economics is motivated by self-interest.Wrote 'The Wealth of Nations'
11th century Persian philosopher who sought to reconcile the existence of God through logic and reason.He is considered the father of modern medicine.
17th century English philosopher who is famous for the epistemological idea of 'tabula rasa' (blank state).'...life, liberty, and property.'

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