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Can you name the cities named after historical figures??

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BiographyCityHistorical Figure
519 BC-430 BC: Victorious Roman general who returned to the life of a farmer
1st Century: Adoptive Father of Jesus (hint: not necessarily in English!)
AD 1-33: The Messiah (hint: literally 'Body of Christ')
5 BC-AD 67: Apostle, blinded on the Road to Damascus
1181-1226: Patron Saint of animals, the environment, and Italy
1195-1231: Portuguese friar, patron saint of lost items
1214-1270: French crusader-king and saint
died 1463: Spanish friar; whale's vagina?
1451-1506: Italian explorer and discoverer of two continents
1533-1603: English Queen famous for never marrying
1552-1618: Founded the lost colony of Roanoke
1605-1675: English Baron who promoted tolerance of Catholics in his American colony
1633-1701: Last Catholic king of England, formerly a Duke
1742-1777: Revolutionary War hero from North Carolina
1708-1778: British statesman credited for victory in French & Indian War
BiographyCityHistorical Figure
1754-1793: French King, aided American revolutionaries, guillotined during his own country's revolution
1732-1799: 'Father of his country'
1754-1806: Surveyor of the Connecticut Western Reserve (hint: not in Connecticut)
1744-1818: German wife of King George III
1751-1836: 'Father of the Constitution'; President during the War of 1812
1793-1836: Led Anglo colonization of Texas
1767-1845: 'Old Hickory'; Military hero and President, graces the $20 bill
1794-1849: American hero of the Mexican War
1793-1863: First President of the Republic of Texas
1792-1864: US Vice President under James Polk, during Mexican War
1809-1865: 'The Great Emancipator'
1780-1866: Leader of the Duwamish Tribe, peacefully accomodated white settlers
1817-1892: Governor of Kansas Territory during 'Bleeding Kansas' slavery crisis
1815-1898: Prussian statesman who unified Germany, famous for 'Realpolitik'
1836-1899: French-Canadian gold prospector and miner

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