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Forced Order
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Cherokee Phoenix (first publication in)
Black Hawk War
Russian-American Company (chartered in)
Nootka Sound (Cooke/British in)
Bartolomé de las Casas (plundered Cuba in)
Massacre at Bad Axe River
Tenskwatawa (vision in)
Black Robes
Salvage Anthropology (Bodmer in)
Lewis & Clark Expedition
Powhatan (chief during Jamestown in)
Gold Mountain (immigrations started in)
Keeokuk (treaty signed in)
Jesse James (first train robbery)
Topographical Engineers (President in)
Mestizo (majority population in)
Indian Removal Act
Crédit Mobilier (scandal occured in)
Bacon's Rebellion
King Philip's War
Jacques Cartier (explored St Lawrence in)
Davy Crockett (ran for Congress in)
Joaquín Murrieta (written about in)
John White (painted/arrived in)
Tlaxcalans (allied with Cortes in)
Bent's Fort (built in)
Bear Flag Rebellion
Northwest Ordinance
Joseph Smith (founded Mormonism in)
Mary Rowlandson (published account in)
Nueces Strip (invasion of)
Daniel Boone (born)
Sitting Bull (refused reservation in)
Worcester v. Georgia
Hernán Cortés (invaded in)
George Armstrong Custer (little bighorn)
Golden Spike (driven in)
American Railway Union (founded in)
Juan Seguin (at Alamo in)
Hurons (beaver wars)
Big Four (founded CP in)
Long Lots (introduced in)
Walking Purchase (enforced in)
Trail of Tears
Placer Mining (mostly done by)
Samuel de Champlain (founded Quebec in)
Lone Star (adopted as flag in)
Sea Otters (hunting prohibited)
Ohio Company (offered grant in)
Paxton Boys (massacre in)
Couriers de Bois
Seminole War
Manifest Destiny (O'Sullivan in)
Geronimo (escaped reservation in)
Samuel Colt (invented revolver in)
Manuel Lisa (organized Missouri Fur in)
Tlingits (golden age until)
Hudson's Bay Company (chartered)
Cahokia Mounds (thriving until EU arrival in)
James Cook (Pacific NW in)
St Paul Trail (peaked in)
John C. Frémont (surveyed Oregon Trail)
Red Jacket (chief in)
Astoria (built in)
Mound Builders (built in)
Sequoyah (invented syllabary in)
John C. Frémont (CA rebellion)
Sutter's Mill (gold found in)
Cumberland Gap (Boone used it in)
Aleuts (revolted in)
Wilmot Provisio
Tejanos (Texan independence in)
Malínche (joined Cortez in)
Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
John Ross
Sea Otters (RA company base at Sitka in)
Five Civilized Tribes (pushed out in)
Sand Creek Massacre
Aztecs (dominating at Cortez's arrival in)
Joseph Brant (allied against Americans in)

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