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Forced Order
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Grand Coulee Dam (began)
Ely Parker (abolishing treaty system passed in)
Dust Bowl
Annie Oakley (sitting bull joined in)
Uncle Sam is Rich Enough...(homestead)
Henry Huntington (largest socal landowner in)
The Virginian
Amadeo Giannini (founded)
Carlisle School
Dawes Allotment Act
Exxon Valdez
Henry J. Kaiser (built steel plant in)
Dennis Kearney (speech in)
Gene Autry
Ranch House (popular by)
Tom Mix (movies in)
Hetch Hetchy Valley (proposed in)
Ned Buntline
101 Ranch
William S. Cody (wild west in)
Tejanos (insurection in)
Trans Alaska Pipeline (finished)
American Railway Union
Owens Valley (plan to restore in)
Zane Grey (wrote Riders in)
Big Bill Haywood (founded WFM)
John Muir (founded sierra club)
Rural Electrification Administration
Lakewood, CA (developed city in)
Congress of Rough Riders (show formed in)
Frederic Remington (west in)
United Farm Workers (first strike)
Owen Wister (went west in)
Crockett Almanacs
Homestead Act
The Great Train Robbery
Gifford Pinchot (chief forestor in)
Dorothea Lange
Factories in the Field
Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act
Zoot Suit Riots
Frederick Jackson Turner
American Indian Movement
Paul Taylor (first collaborated w/ Lange in)
Farmer's Alliance
Cesar Chavez (first protest)
Farm Security Administration
Ben Holladay (pony express in)
Ghost Dance
Safety Valve (homestead)
Six Companies
John Ford
Porkopolis (booming in)
John Collier (commissioner in)
Wounded Knee
Chinese Exclusion Act
Plundered Province (developed in)
Indian New Deal

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