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Creature with a woman's head and a bird's body
Lager of Ireland
Lolcat's cry for assistance
Where Miss Scarlet did the victim in, perhaps
It has no fury like a woman scorned
There's a cracked one in Philadelphia
Sing loudly
Ernie's roommate
A wide one is given to something you want to avoid
Comes at the end of a successful gestation period
Papery-barked tree
Not one of Jay-Z's problems
Strong, relentless desire
'I' in Düsseldorf
Precedes T or Cube
Andrew ____ Clay
Tenth of a buck
'___ Another Day'
Opposite of DIFM
Sandra ___ O'Connor
Voice actor Castellaneta
Italian lady
They publish JAMA
Precedes carte or mode
Actor Rickman or Alda
Hannibal loved it when one came together
Two vectors define it
Lois or HOV
A man who calls Jutland home
Organic compound suffix
The 'A' of Q&A, for short
Democrat's symbol
Route between the Matterhorn and the Breithorn, e.g.
Formed by sheriffs in the Old West as a last resort
'Strike a ____'
Dark pink
Political strategist Karl
Eros, storge, philia, or agape
Small bay
Bishop's cloak
A member of the fuzz
A short whip
Useless objects
Footballers get this for an international appearance
Dance style
Worship the sun
A large amount
Sondheim has eight of this

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